Fashion Movies that are re-watchable

These fashion movies are a must-watch for your inner fashionista. Through these movies, you can relive the world of glamour and witness some of the harsh and funny realms of the crazily rich fashion Industry.

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There is something particularly pleasant about enjoying films that are packed with the glitz of fashion if you are a fashion enthusiast. We’ve put up a list of movies and documentaries that will appeal to your inner fashionista.

The Devil Wears Prada

Although Andy Sachs wants to be a journalist, Miranda Priestly, the editor-in-chief of Runway magazine, hires her as her junior personal assistant. Andy aspires to land a position as a reporter or writer somewhere else, therefore he will put up with Miranda’s demeaning attitude for a year.
Andy struggles to do her job at first and doesn’t get along with her gossipy, fashion-conscious coworkers. However, as she starts to dress nicely and makes an attempt to satisfy all of Miranda’s whims and fancies, Miranda observes Andy’s dedication and starts to give her additional responsibilities. Emily increasingly performs worse at her work than Andy. Now, let’s not give you more spoilers. Go watch the movie yourself!

Dior and I

Raf Simons, one of the most significant designers of our day, is the subject of a documentary that tells the tale of his early years in the fashion industry before he became the creative director of Dior. The movie shows the laborious process of creating haute couture and how the designer works with his team to create a vision. The film also makes an attempt to interpret Christian Dior’s legacy.

Funny Face

Funny Face is one of the most remarkable fashion films. The film centres on Jo Stockton, a gentle bookshop assistant from New York City. Her hopes to pursue a career in philosophy in Paris are fulfilled in the most unlikely of ways when she accepts the role of Dick Avery’s muse.

The early years of renowned fashion photographer Richard Avedon are the inspiration for the movie Funny Face.


Given his enormous personality, it makes sense that Isaac Mizrahi would star in a 1990s documentary about himself. All of the attractive supermodels who were friends with Isaac at the time have their cameo in the film.