First Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae Coupe for India arrives In Mumbai – Ultra-Rare Purple Bull

Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini has delivered the first Aventador Ultimae coupe to a customer from India. Previously, Lamborghini has delivered two Roadster versions of the Aventador Ultimae in India.

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The first-ever Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae Coupe for the Indian market is finished in the Italian marque’s vibrant and iconic Viola Pasife purple colour scheme. This vibrant coupe which was delivered to a customer in Mumbai also has Bronze Oreadi accents which are visible on the brake callipers of the limited run.


Like its Roadster variant, the coupe version of the Aventador Ultimae Coupe is a limited run car which celebrates the end of production for the iconic Aventador supercar. Lamborghini is however, making 350 units of the Ultimae Coupe compared to the 250 units on offer for those looking for a Roadster version of the final Aventador.