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Floating crease: An eyeliner trend of 2022

Have you tried the new Floating Crease Eyeliner trend? Here’s a complete guide.

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A flawless eyeliner is a must-have for any style. The floating crease eyeliner, meanwhile, has become a popular new eyeliner trend.
Floating creases are all about being graphic and strong, in contrast to typical eye makeup treatments that are centred on easily blending away any lines of demarcation. The intention is to highlight a clean line that appears just above the crease. You may embrace the simplicity of minimalistic makeup with this eye makeup approach.

How to create Floating Crease

Follow the below-mentioned steps to ace that perfect floating crease eyeliner look:

  1. To make a smooth surface for your eyeliner to glide on, dab a small amount of eyeshadow primer over your lids.
  2. Put the basic colour on.
  3. Keep your chip up while applying the eyeliner, but glance down into your mirror to trace the outline.
  4. Applying the same eyeliner to your lower lash line can give your appearance additional drama.
  5. Apply mascara to finish the look.

Floating crease eyes and the makeup look

Complement a natural face makeup look with the floating crease eyeliner effect. Consider a no-makeup-makeup look. First, apply a skin primer. The next step is to colour-correct. Use a makeup blender to stipple on your face makeup to give it a super-clean appearance. Add a subtle glossy lip to complete your appearance. Spray some setting spray on your face before you go!