Grooming tips for men

Here are some grooming tips for stylish men.

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1. Pay regular visits to your barbers

Get into the habit of paying regular visits to barbers. If you’ve noticed your hair needs a trim, then others have too. While some guys can settle for monthly appointments, your locks may still experience a growth spurt, therefore requiring increased attention. It may even take triweekly, or even fortnightly visits.

2. Know which hair products are good for you

If you’ve thicker, unruly hair, then pomade and waxes are for you. Those who are finer-headed should go go for lighter products. Moreover, there’s also stuff for those with no hair at all.

The solution is simple: do your research.

3. Find your signature scent

Colognes and aftershaves are built to complement so, use them sparingly. Rather than having eight to ten average scents, find one or two classic blends that you really like.

4. Scrub your face

A well-chosen scrub which is specially designed to get rid off deceased skin is a weekly essential to keep skin in its best condition.

5. Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen reduces ageing, wrinkles and the risk of skin cancer, which, worryingly, is on the rise.

It is recommended adding a light SPF 30 moisturiser into your daily grooming routine that will nourish and protect.