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Healthy Homes for a Healthy Future: The Benefits of LEINOS Natural Paints

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NEW DELHI, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In an era where the ecological crisis is intensifying and health concerns are becoming a top priority, the choice of appropriate building and finishing materials plays a crucial role in creating healthy living spaces. In India, where combating air pollution and preserving natural resources are at the forefront of progress, attention is turned to safe and eco-friendly materials. These not only improve the quality of life but also contribute to sustainable development, carefully preserving the rich natural and cultural heritage of the country. It is here that LEINOS natural paints, free from toxic compounds, contribute by minimizing the ecological footprint and creating a healthy atmosphere in living spaces.

Healthy Homes for a Healthy Future: The Benefits of LEINOS Natural Paints

The health benefits of LEINOS are invaluable: the absence of toxic fumes and chemicals makes these paints a safe choice for everyone, especially families with children and allergy sufferers. They not only eliminate risks associated with harmful emissions but also positively impact indoor air quality, creating a clean and safe breathing environment, ensuring the well-being of inhabitants.

The durability and aesthetic appeal are other key characteristics of LEINOS paints. They offer excellent strength and resistance to external factors, along with a wide range of color options, enabling the realization of bold design ideas, be it classic or modern style.

“I am always astonished when people choose wood for its natural properties and then cover it with synthetic paints, which completely negate all the beneficial properties of the wood. It’s absurd,” said CEO and Founder of LEINOS India, Oleg Zaporozhets.

Market Analysis and Trends in India:

The Indian market for building and finishing materials is evolving rapidly, with increasing demand for eco-friendly and safe products. Growing awareness among the population about the harm of chemicals in traditional paints and finishing materials is fueling interest in natural paints. The commercial sector, including hotels and offices, is also keen on using eco-friendly materials. Government support for sustainable development and ecological construction is boosting interest in products like LEINOS paints. These trends create favorable conditions for LEINOS to become a leading supplier of natural paints in India, meeting the needs of both private and commercial clients.

“We’ve held numerous meetings and presentations for people working with wood. 99% of them are thrilled by the sheer number of benefits that natural paints offer,” said Head – Sales Operations at LEINOS India, Shabad Preet Singh Gadhok.

Partnership with LEINOS

In this context, LEINOS is actively seeking partners in India to expand its market influence and implement eco-friendly solutions in the construction industry. This offers unique opportunities for distributors, retailers, architects, and designers who wish to integrate sustainable and safe materials into their projects, opening a new chapter in the history of ecological construction in India.


LEINOS is a German company, renowned for its natural paints based on linseed oil and finishing materials. With a long-standing presence in the field, it is celebrated for its quality and commitment to ecology. LEINOS skillfully combines old traditions with new technologies, using only natural ingredients, making their products safe for people and the environment. LEINOS paints are ideal for those seeking eco-friendly and quality materials for their homes or projects.

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