How to find cheap, simple wedding rings? 

Here are some tips to find cheap and simple wedding rings! 

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1. Keep the width thin


The more wide the ring, the higher will be the price. When you require cheap wedding ring ideas, you should pay attention to a ring’s design.


Thinner bands are going to cost less than heavier or more detailed bands. Choose more simplistic designs for instance brushed gold details and keep that band on the skinny side.


2. Consider Less Expensive Metals


Metals matter a lot when price is an issue. Platinum comes with a luxe price tag, so if you love the look of cool-toned metals but are looking for budget wedding bands, you can go for white gold, palladium, tungsten, cobalt, or even titanium instead.


3. Prefer gemstones


One of the best inexpensive wedding ring ideas is to prefer to have gemstones in the ring instead of pricey diamonds. Gemstones add a tint of color and visual interest to any ring. Tiny gemstones set low into the wedding band won’t be heavy on the pocket either.


Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are popular choices, but precious gems can get more expensive. There are more inexpensive gemstones as well like amethyst, topaz, citrine, and garnet that make for a lovely addition to any piece of jewelry.