Lip makeup trends: What are gym lips?

What did you think after you got to know about gym lips? However, it’s not what you thought. It’s not about fillers or surgery! In conclusion, gym lips are a casual method to prepare your lips whether or not you’re wearing makeup.

Makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell is the source of inspiration for this newest lip makeup obsession. It might not be what you expect it to be, though. Gym lips are the result of overlining your lips and it’s not a new sort of plastic surgery or a plumping effect. Overline your lips with a pencil that is similar to your natural lip colour and once you have found your shade, you are good to go. Applying a hydrating lip treatment is the next step.

In order for her makeup to not look overdone, Sewell created the look by picking a lip colour that was nearest to her own lip shade.

Gym Lips Trend: How to choose the right products

You need a really natural hue while applying gym lips; otherwise, the effect will be lost if the shade is either too light or too dark. Look for a lip liner with a wide range of colour options. You can also choose one that complements the undertones of your lips. Make sure that the products you choose will appear natural on you after application. To prevent pulling on delicate skin, the composition has plenty of glide and slip. Finding and using a lip treatment to top it off is incredibly pleasant. Let your lip liner’s natural colour show through.

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