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Must-visit vintage car museums in India

Here are some must-visit vintage car museums in India

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Must-visit vintage car museums in Indi


1. Classic And Vintage Car Collection, Udaipur


When you think of gold-laden royalty, Rajasthan pops into the mind. Hence, Udaipur, the city of seraphic marble palaces and glassy water lakes, is home to one of India’s most striking vintage car museums. Dubbed the Vintage and Classic Car Museum, it has on display at least four Rolls Royces, two Cadillacs, one MG-TC convertible, one Ford-A Convertible, one Vauxhall-12 and a host of other interesting vehicles like solar-powered rickshaws.


2. Ashvek Vintage World, Nuvem, Goa


The Ashvek Vintage World was set up in 2004 by its owner, Pradeep V Naik, in order to get the younger generations interested in automotive history. Located on the Panjim-Margao highway, the museum has on display more than a dozen vintage cars from Goa and other neighbouring areas like Kolhapur, Belgaum and Sawantwadi. This includes a Tempo G1200 that was born in Hamburg in 1927, a 1931 Peugeot 301 and a 1961 Opel Kapitan.


3. Auto World, Ahmedabad


A pioneer within India’s niche car collector space, the late Pranlal Bhogilal, at one point, had more than 200 cars including 36 Rolls Royces that were parked in his many houses across the country. Around 100 vintage cars from his priceless collection were then showcased in Auto World, located in his Dastan Estate in Ahmedabad. In 1997, half a century after Independence, Bhogilal got a 1926 Rolls-Royce Phantom I which had the Barker body painted in the shades of the Indian Tricolour. He called this particular model, “Azad”. The museum also has a 1923 Silver Ghost, a 1927 Phantom I with a limousine body by Windovers, a 1936 Phantom III and a 1937 Phantom III.


4. Heritage Transport Museum – Haryana


The Heritage Transport Museum depicts the evolution of transportation in India and holds rank as the country’s first comprehensive transport museum. A treasure trove of vintage cars like the 1985 Citroen BX Sedan, 1968 Volkswagen Kombi Van T2 and 1954 Hindustan Landmaster. Apart from these, the museum also displays primitive vehicles, railway transport, and even aircrafts.