OPPO Reno 8 Pro will have the Golden Ratio from Sacred Geometry

OPPO has announced that the Reno 8 series will be available in India on July 18th. It stated that the Reno 8 Pro’s philosophy is based on the Golden Ratio from Sacred Geometry.

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OPPO said that it inculcated an aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass 5 for its construction to be durable. Also, the camera module has been integrated with the rest of the handset’s back thanks to heat-forged and molded glass that creates an ergonomically streamlined unibody. This new design is the consequence of more than a hundred revisions and more than 400 days of work.

The brand shared that Reno 8 Pro’s design is based on the Golden Ratio (1:.618), a mathematical proportion that is in its nature aesthetically attractive. OPPO added that its designers have used the same proportion to section the rear camera module on the handset—both laterally as well as vertically—to create a similarly pleasing aesthetic.

The OPPO Reno 8 Pro will be available in two colors: Glazed Green and Glazed Black while the Reno 8 will be available in two colors: Shimmering Gold, which is achieved through a precise combination of dual textures and coatings, as well as OPPO Glow printing, and Shimmering Black, which is different from pure black because it resembles a starry night sky.