Road Trip: A must-have experience

The roads might be surrounded by beautiful landscapes but can be really rough. However, the pleasing experience makes it totally worth it.

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Road travel is definitely achievable in India if you choose your routes and your car wisely. First and foremost, you don’t have to drive alone; it’s simple to hire a car with a driver. However, navigating India’s congested roadways is challenging, so many visitors choose to see the country by motorcycle or bicycle.

Mumbai to Goa Trip

This is the most common road trip to be taken, especially by people who live in Mumbai. The whole journey is filled with aestheticism. It will take you around 10-11 hours to complete this road trip.

Guwahati to Tawang Trip

Being 440 kilometres away from Guwahati, the road trip to Tawang is a tough deal but totally worth it. Tourists have recently discovered Tawang, a beautiful place located in Arunachal Pradesh, near the Indo-Chinese border.

Manali to Leh Trip

Manali to Leh is a road trip of 470 km. The road is surrounded by beautiful landscapes but is really rough.

Delhi to Jaipur

It is a 270 km long journey, but broad highways make it easy to travel. Jaipur, the pink city of India, has many historic places and especially the royal palaces that amaze tourists with their architectural marvels.

Kolkata to Digha

This is a single-lane trip that you can cover in a short span of a single day. It is one of the most famous weekend destinations for people living in Kolkata.