Roger Federer’s Rolex is the ultimate watch world flex

You won’t be able to find this piece at your local dealer.

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Buying a Rolex watch is not an easy task. The starting price alone is restrictive for most folks, and that’s before we even start considering waitlists and the carefully manicured dealer relationships and higher secondary market prices and on and on. And, as Roger Federer’s watch proves, even after you clear those challenges there is always another velvet rope keeping most watch collectors from the ultimate prizes. At Wimbledon this past weekend, Rolex ambassador Federer wore a Cosmograph Daytona covered in orange sapphires that was released “silently” this year. This silent release is the watch world’s ultimate flex.

Every year, after sharing a handful of new items with the world, brand representatives will take their very best customers into the backroom to show off the actually good stuff. These watches are often covered in diamonds, come in funky colors, and won’t ever make it to a brand’s official website. Silent releases are also called off-catalog pieces. This year, along with Federer’s watch, it seems that Rolex also silently put out another blingy rainbow Daytona and a Yacht-Master set with jewels seemingly stolen from the Easter Bunny’s palette. In or out of catalog, the orange Daytona is one of Rolex’s coolest new releases for 2022. The black dial combined with the traffic-cone jewels are surely to be a hit if Michael Rubin, who already has one epic party under his belt, decides to go all out again for Halloween.