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Royal Family Protocols: Can they break them?

Short hemlines and exposed shoulders are to be anyways prevented while choosing a wedding dress and the British Queen herself makes sure about it!

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While it may seem that the life of the members of a Royal Family is the easiest, but it is not! The members of these families have to abide by some very strict protocols. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Dating accordingly

Even dating is controlled by such protocols. The Japanese Princess Mako had to leave her family after she married a commoner. It was due to the Japanese law that only allows the male members of the royal family to marry a commoner.

Strict Dress Codes

The Royals have to follow strict dress and grooming rules.

The British royal family have to abide by some of these dress codes. They have to forbid wearing black, which is exclusively reserved for funerals. Also, before any royal wedding, the bride has to get the dress approved by the Queen herself. The Queen makes sure that the dress is modest. Short hemlines and exposed shoulders are to be anyways prevented.


The Protestant Monarchy, which is the head of the Church of England, did not allow its members to marry any Roman Catholic. If they did so, they could risk losing the line to the throne. However, in 2013, the rules were changed but it still prevented a Roman Catholic to rule the throne.

No PDAs and not calling each other by nicknames

Yes, it is strange but the protocols are strict about it. PDAs should be avoided and the members of the royal family have to abide by them. Also, addressing each other with nicknames is not allowed.