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SiTARA National Innovation & Startup Summit 2023 Sparks Creativity and Collaboration at MIT-ADT University

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PUNE, India, Aug. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The SiTARA National Innovation & Startup Summit 2023, a groundbreaking event focused on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, took place on August 10th at the prestigious MIT-ADT University in Pune. The event was organized in collaboration with prominent industry partners and organizations including PERA India, FAST India, TCS DISQ, Wadhwani Foundation, TruScholar, IIC-MITADTU, AIC-MITADT Incubator Forum, CRiEYA, and MIT-ID Innovation.

SiTARA National Innovation & Startup Summit 2023 Sparks Creativity and Collaboration at MIT-ADT University

The summit commenced with a warm welcome from Dr. Suraj Bhoyar, Convener of the event and Mentor of Change – Atal Innovation Mission, who expressed gratitude to the dignitaries and participants for their active participation in this remarkable endeavour. He highlighted the university’s unique blend of art, design, and technology education. The collaborative summit, supported by esteemed partners, aims to spark innovation. Dr. Bhoyar commended faculty, panellist, and young innovators, emphasizing their role in shaping the innovation landscape.

The SiTARA Innovation & Startup Summit also marked the unveiling of the comprehensive report on “Research Management in Indian Universities: Strengthening the Foundations” by FAST India. The report launch was graced by a gathering of esteemed dignitaries. Shri Mudit Narain, Director of Policy and Research at FAST India, highlighted the report’s significance. Shri Mudit Narain emphasized the crucial role of research across diverse fields, from AI to climate change, energy, electric vehicles, defence, and drones. He emphasized that today’s actions of universities and faculty members will shape India’s economy, competitiveness, and governance in the forthcoming decades. In light of India’s developmental trajectory, science’s role has become increasingly vital.

The report’s unveiling during the SiTARA Summit adds momentum to the discussions on innovation, research, and collaboration, reaffirming the commitment of academia and organizations towards advancing India’s research ecosystem.

Dr. Mohit Dubey, speaking at the SiTARA Innovation & Startup Summit, underscored the significance of research management within universities, especially in the context of India’s economy. He noted the passing of the National Research Foundation Bill and emphasized science’s integral role in development. Dubey commended private universities’ efforts in innovation and shared MIT-ADT University’s journey of integrating corporate collaboration into the curriculum. He highlighted the transformation in education, shifting from theoretical teaching to experiential learning. He praised the university’s success in NIRF rankings, indicating the potential within the university.

Chief Guest, Shri Ramanan addressed the summit, focusing on India’s demographic strength and the significance of its young population. He urged students to recognize their innate innovative potential and highlighted the crucial connection between research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He applauded India’s burgeoning startup landscape and stressed the need for structured research management in universities. Shri Ramanan lauded MIT-ADT University’s endeavours and encouraged students to think beyond boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on society. He underscored the importance of fostering a culture of research and innovation in students and emphasized the role of universities in inspiring, informing, and investing in their growth.

Citing Swami Vivekananda’s words, Shri Ramanan motivated attendees to awaken their capabilities, rise to challenges, and contribute to both India’s development and the fulfilment of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. He concluded by advocating a collective effort to drive innovation, create entrepreneurs, and position India on the global innovation map. In addition to his address, Shri Ramanan digitally inaugurated the upcoming “MIT-ABHIVIKALP” Hackathon scheduled to take place at MIT-ADT University in the second week of September 2023. This event further emphasizes the university’s commitment to fostering innovation and providing a platform for students to showcase their problem-solving abilities.

Esteemed panellist, including Dr. Nanasaheb Thorat, Shri Janak Nabar, Ms. Anindita Banerjee, Dr. Premnath, and Shri Sandip Shinde, engaged in a dynamic discussion on strengthening research ecosystems in Indian universities. They stressed the significance of cultivating a culture of innovation within academic institutions, encouraging students to ask insightful questions. The imperative of robust industry-academia partnerships, in-house research investment, and bridging the gap between research domains was emphasized. The potential of initiatives like the National Research Foundation (NRF) was acknowledged, with a focus on execution and research diversity. Moderated by Prof. Harshit and Shri Mudit, the panel explored industry’s role in nurturing research, proposing avenues such as CSR-funded research, mentorship, and ecosystem development to attract returning researchers. This discourse aimed to synergize collaborative efforts, enhancing India’s research landscape.

CA Mayur Zanwar of Asset Chain Techlligence Pvt. Ltd. presented TruScholar startup’s blockchain-powered certification. The session showcased blockchain’s security for tamper-proof certificates, offering enhanced verification and fraud prevention.

The Summit concluded with a dynamic Research, Innovation, and Startup Projects Showcase, where more than 300 young visionaries exhibited their inventive ideas, projects, prototypes, and startups. Notable awards included the Most Impactful Startup Award clinched by CerebroSpark Innovations, led by Ganesh Thorat; the Best Innovative Product Award earned by Defence Forge, headed by Mihir Sanghai; the prestigious Best Research Project Award secured by Ms. Akansha Prasad for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection; and the recognition of Kanishka Deshmukh, a 10th-grade student, as the Emerging Innovator Award recipient.

The summit’s culmination celebrated innovation as young minds showcased groundbreaking ideas, earning recognition for their impact, innovation, research excellence, and emerging potential.

About MIT-ADT University: Spearheading Excellence in Education and Innovation

Founded under the visionary guidance of MAEER’s Trust, a pioneer in private engineering education in Maharashtra, the inception story traces back to the establishment of Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT-Pune) in 1983. MIT-Pune, standing as the group’s flagship institution, set the benchmark for quality education. Formally established through the enactment of the MIT Art, Design and Technology University Act, 2015, MIT-ADT University in Pune emerged on June 27, 2016. Operating on a self-financed model and conferred with the authority to grant degrees under the UGC Act, 1956, the university redefines education with its central focus on Art, Design, and Technology.

Adopting a holistic approach to education, MIT-ADT University fosters physically resilient, intellectually sharp, mentally agile, and spiritually elevated individuals. The curriculum encourages the practice of yoga, meditation, and various enrichment activities to nurture well-rounded personalities. The university caters to over 12,000 students across diverse disciplines such as Engineering, Arts, Design, and more. MIT-ADT University has firmly positioned itself as a champion of innovation and entrepreneurship, evident through its ranking within the Top 50-100 for NIRF innovation in 2022. The institution’s “Excellent” performance in ARIIA 2021 and the coveted 5-star Innovation Council rating reflects its unswerving dedication. The Atal Incubation Centre, a joint venture with AIM, NITI Aayog, stands as a beacon of progress and innovation.

As a mentor institution under the aegis of the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell, MIT-ADT University has been instrumental in guiding institutions and ATL Tinkering Schools across Maharashtra. By sharing best practices in multidisciplinary education, fostering industry collaborations, and nurturing innovation events, the university has fostered a thriving culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among these mentee institutions. The enduring impact is evident in the growth of these institutions and the enrichment of Maharashtra’s innovation ecosystem.

MIT-ADT University: A cradle of education where innovation thrives, entrepreneurship blossoms, and excellence prevails.




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