Stress-inducing foods you should avoid consuming

Leading Indian health experts share the top foods that are harmful to the body

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Leading Indian health experts share the top foods that are harmful to the body


1. Sugar


“Consuming excess sugar increases insulin, which leads to an increase in fat storage in the body. It also increases gut permeability and results in the inflammation of the joints and muscles. In addition to this, due to its effect on the gut, it may lead to increased anxiety and stress. Chronic stress leads to sugar cravings and sets the body in a loop of more stress. Moreover, increased consumption of dietary sugar stresses the adrenal glands. It also triggers brain chemicals and can cause depression,” states Dr Anjali Hooda, founder of LiveNutriFit.


2. Caffeine


“When we are stressed, our hands automatically reach for that hot cup of coffee or tea to feel refreshed. But the truth is that caffeine actually induces stress. Caffeine does give you the adrenaline boost initially, but later, it leaves you low on energy. It causes dehydration and makes your heart race. Caffeine triggers certain brain chemicals resulting in addiction as well. Although the response depends on person to person, one must avoid large doses of caffeine as it may have serious effects on your health,” mentions Simrat Kathuria, nutritionist and director of The Diet Xperts.


3. Artificial sweeteners


“Artificial sweeteners are often recommended as a substitute for sugar but studies indicate that use of NNS (non-nutritive sweeteners) can also increase inflammation and stress in our body. Aspartame usage may lead to systemic inflammation, oxidative stress and excess free radicals production. Prolonged usage is linked to increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, leading to insulin resistance,” says nutritionist Lovneet Batra.


4. Fried foods


“Fries, chips, chicken nuggets and burgers are some common examples of fried food, which contain a high amount of trans fat. Trans fat is a major reason for inflammation in your body. When your body goes through the condition of inflammation, your stress levels are increased,” mentions nutritionist Nicky Sagar.