Stylish sneakers for men

Check out some of the stylish sneakers for men

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1. Puma Unisex-Adult One8 Prime Mid V3 Sneaker

This stylish puma sneaker has a rubber sole and comes in three colours. This mid-rise sneaker is great to pair with a pair of boot-cut or even slim-fit jeans. It is suitable for hikes and travel. This comfortable synthetic leather puma sneaker is perfect combination of style and comfort brought together in one unique sneaker design. It is available with a fancy gold-coloured font making it stand out in a sea of normal sneakers.

2. US Polo Association Men’s Panel Sneakers

This dual-toned white and black sneaker is crafted using synthetic leather with a rubber sole which makes this men’s sneaker a must-buy. This stylish sneaker is available in a lace-up pattern with muted laces. Pull on a flashy red pair of shoelaces and you will have an absolute new sneaker in a second. This pair of sneakers goes well with any casual look but if styled appropriately can even elevate your formal outfits.

3. Converse Unisex-Adult Sneakers

These red converse sneakers come with a white sole and are low tops which makes them suitable for any outfit. If you are in search for a pair of sneakers that you can wear all day, every day then this pair right here is a must have. Available in a variety of colours, this gives you the option to pick your favourite without having to search for any new design.

4. Reebok Classics Men’s Sneaker

These sneakers come in a stylish black colour with detailed stitching and finish. A white rubber sole is cherry on the cake. This pair can be worn with the classic white tee and blue jeans look for a casual yet chic outfit. This is the kind of stylish sneakers that you can wear every day to college and even to work make them a very good budget buy.

5. North Star Men’s Sneaker

This is a pair of comfortable sneakers that are subtle, elegant and will go perfectly with your work outfits. Sometimes you want a non-flashy pair of sneakers that are elegant, stylish and very comfortable. This pair of north star sneakers are the perfect example of comfortable sneakers that are value for money. Black sole sneakers are rare and this pair is perfect if you are looking for black soles and not white. Their black soles make them easy to maintain without worrying about dirtying your shoes every single time you step out in the monsoon rains.