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Wellness NFT YogaPetz Sells Out in Less Than 45 Minutes with a Value Close to $3 Million

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HONG KONG, Oct. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Yogapetz is thrilled to announce the remarkable success of their latest release, the Wellness NFT YogaPetz collection, which experienced an astounding 130% over-subscription rate. Within a mere 45 minutes, the entire 10,000-piece collection was completely sold out, generating an impressive sum of 1,761 ETH, equivalent to approximately USD 3 million in sales.

This groundbreaking achievement occurred on August 31, 2023, despite the challenging market environment for NFTs during the prevailing winter season, characterized by a downturn in market capitalization and low investor sentiment. The resounding success of the YogaPetz collection serves as a testament to its unique value proposition and the growing demand for wellness-focused NFTs.

The YogaPetz project is led by co-founders @keung (Kam-Keung FUNG, left) and @Kakarot_F23 (Kin-Fung MAN, right), who collectively bring over twenty years of entrepreneurial and operational experience to the table.

Overwhelming Response Demonstrates Growing Demand for Wellness NFTs

“We are overwhelmed by the incredible response to the YogaPetz collection,” said @keung , Co-founder of YogaPetz. “The rapid sell-out and the substantial value generated demonstrate the strong appetite for wellness-themed NFTs in the market. Our collaboration is driven by the shared goal of providing rewards and incentives that promote mental and physical well-being to our thriving online community of over 220,000 members.”

YogaPetz is a decentralized wellness ecosystem that prioritizes mindfulness, community, and rewards, aiming to provide users with a secure, transparent, and decentralized platform that nurtures mental and physical well-being. Utilizing the $PRANA token in conjunction with a mobile application, users are incentivized for practicing and maintaining healthy mind and body habits (Relax – Rewards – Retreat – Repeat). The success of the YogaPetz collection has paved the way for exciting developments and partnerships within the wellness ecosystem.

Experienced Co-founders Driving YogaPetz to Success

The YogaPetz project is led by co-founders @keung (Kam-Keung FUNG) and @Kakarot_F23 (Kin-Fung MAN), who collectively bring over twenty years of entrepreneurial and operational experience to the table. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise form a solid foundation for the success of YogaPetz.

@keung, the founder and CEO of Awesapp Limited, boasts an impressive track record in creating and managing mobile applications. His keen understanding of the market, honed through years of street-smart experience, has equipped him with invaluable insights into the competitive NFT landscape. Leveraging his expertise, @keung has provided strategic counsel to prominent NFT projects such as 9GAG (Memeland) and OliveX.

Notably, the Memeland project achieved a remarkable feat by selling out 10,000 NFTs within a mere 12 minutes, generating team revenues of 9,801 ETH, equivalent to millions of dollars. Similarly, OliveX launched 420 Genesis NFTs earlier this year, and all were quickly sold out, raising 2,100 ETH, valued at over three million dollars. These successes underscore @keung’s astute market sense and his ability to navigate the evolving NFT landscape.

While the government of Hong Kong promotes the development of web3 with uncertain prospects, it is noteworthy that these three Hong Kong startups have gained international recognition in the web3 field.

@keung: Web3 Drives Innovation and Success through Collective Wisdom

@keung acknowledges the doubts surrounding web3 and NFT products, but he remains steadfast in his belief in their potential to achieve outcomes that traditional internet products simply cannot. He explains, “In the pre-web3 era, teams had to invest significant time and effort in marketing to reach the right users. However, web3 projects operate differently. By cultivating a community, word-of-mouth naturally spreads, enabling more effective global user connections.”

In addition to the advantages of community participation in web3 and NFT projects, @keung emphasizes their potential as avenues for both fundraising and talent aggregation. These projects can secure funding through the community and attract exceptional talents who bring ideas, brainstorming capabilities, and valuable contributions to project management. This collaborative approach empowers web3 projects to harness the collective wisdom and expertise of their communities, driving innovation and success.

@Kakarot_F23‘s Journey Of Battling Cancer and Starting YogaPetz

@Kakarot_F23, another co-founder of YogaPetz, has a deeply personal connection to the project. Having been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer at the end of 2019, he underwent grueling chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Throughout this challenging journey, @Kakarot_F23 experienced significant physical and mental hurdles, including the hardships of depression. However, with the unwavering support of the cancer community, he managed to rebuild his confidence and rekindle hope.

Inspired by his battle with cancer, @Kakarot_F23 was driven to establish YogaPetz as a platform that goes beyond traditional NFT offerings. Drawing from his fine arts background and graduating from the University of the Arts London (previously known as Central Saint Martins), @Kakarot_F23 recognizes the immense market potential of wellness-focused NFT communities. He firmly believes that NFT communities centered around wellness can bringabout positive change and growth.

The collaboration between @keung and @Kakarot_F23 is marked by seamless synergy. They jointly manage the YogaPetz community, leveraging @Kakarot_F23‘s creative arts expertise and @keung’s technical acumen. Their shared vision and complementary skills create a robust foundation for YogaPetz’s success in the competitive NFT market.

About YogaPetz

YogaPetz is a decentralized wellness ecosystem that places a strong emphasis on mindfulness, community, and rewards. Our primary objective is to offer users a secure, transparent, and decentralized platform that fosters mental and physical well-being. Even individuals who do not hold the YogaPetz NFT are encouraged to explore and participate in the platform. They can begin their wellness journey, establish their own wellness businesses, redeem retreats with our partners using $PRANA, and cultivate healthy habits through repetition.

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