What is keeping up with the holiday spirits of Lindsay Lohan?

She just made a comeback on Netflix and acknowledged that it seemed “only yesterday” that she was on the set of a movie.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Christmas will be spent with her loving husband, businessman Bader Shammas. After dating for two years, the American actress and singer Lohan wed Bader earlier this year. They got married in 2022, and Lohan reportedly told Female First UK that she is looking forward to celebrating the holidays with her husband and his entire family.

The breathtaking beauty exclaims, “I love the Christmas season and the whole family time with all the food and everything. I can’t wait to spend it this year with my husband, new niece, and all the family.”

The actress, who entered the field as child artist and experienced tremendous success in the 2000s, decided to leave the field about decade ago for personal reasons, according to Female First UK.

While talking to Hello Magazine, Lindsay says, “It seemed like it had been only yesterday since I had produced a film, not nearly ten years. I just adore all the physical humour in rom-coms, as well as the love narrative and family dynamics.”

She further added, “I truly hope that [the movie] brings people together to have a wonderful time viewing it and that it provides people some joy and a distraction from everything that is going on right now.”

Furthermore, she just made comeback on Netflix and acknowledged that it seemed “only yesterday” that she was on the set of movie.