Beginners Guide To Makeup And Its Essentials

This Beginners Guide to Makeup and Its Essentials will help you know what things to buy while starting as a makeup newbie.

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If you have decided to try your hands on makeup but don’t know what to buy and what to leave, We are here with the Beginners Guide to Makeup and Its Essentials. Here’s a list of products that you need to start collecting for your first-ever beauty kit. Besides, don’t forget to add the makeup sponge and some brushes!

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Face Primers are starters of a beauty ‘snack’

Face primers assist you in laying down a smooth, even foundation so you can easily apply your face makeup products and extend the wear of your makeup. There are numerous types of primers on the market.

Foundation or BB Cream: What to choose as a beginner?

It is preferable to start with BB creams when you are just getting started. In contrast, you can use a foundation with medium to buildable coverage as a beginner.

Concealer to cancel panda eyes

Use a concealer to easily cover your imperfections and undereye circles, but make sure the product is lightweight.

Setting Powder to blur out the visible oil

With a pressed powder, you can blur out and set your face cosmetic items, but you must use it correctly to prevent a cakey appearance.

Contour: Buy it or not?

Even while contour sticks are a crucial component of makeup and give your face a toned appearance, you can ignore them if you’re just starting out.

Highlighters for all the shine and glow

Highlighters will help you raise your makeup game and give you a healthy internal shine.

Lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, or lip tint

Lipbalm should be used in the very first steps to moisturise your lips, even though lip products are employed in one of the final procedures. Additionally, lip balms, lipstick, lip tints, and lip glosses are multipurpose cosmetics that can be applied as eyeshadow, blush, or even cheek tints. To make your beauty kit more affordable, choose your lip products wisely.

Palette of eyeshadows

Warm neutral makeup colours are all you need to give your eyes depth and make you stand out right away.

Kajal and eyeliner: A beauty duo

Every makeup user has a classic Kajal or a trendy Eyeliner in their collection. This is a must-have cosmetics duo regardless of your makeup talents.

Eyebrow Pencils are game-changers

Your cosmetic look can be made or broken by having well-defined eyebrows. Using an eyebrow pencil is simple, so you can always have perfect brows.

Mascara for eyelashes

Mascaras are a great addition to any cosmetics collection. Apply mascara sparingly to avoid creating clumpy, spidery lashes.

Applying Makeup Setting Spray

Use a makeup setting spray to seal your look at the conclusion of your makeup routine. You can also reapply it periodically during the day to keep your face looking and feeling fresh.

Here are some Beginners-friendly makeup combos:

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