Monsoon and Makeup: Dos and Don’ts

The Hindi saying, ‘Kiye karay par paani ferna’ best describes the rainy jinx but you can avoid them with some precautionary measures. From moisturizing your skin to setting it up with a makeup setting spray, get monsoon ready with these makeup essentials.

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Whenever the monsoon arrives, we have a unique set of beauty problems to address. We detest the humidity, which causes a tonne of mess. Additionally, makeup is smudge-prone and for many reasons, maintaining the makeup is the biggest stress. The Hindi saying, ‘Kiye karay par paani ferna’ best describes the rainy jinx.

Additionally, all of this should prompt you to reconsider your beauty kit.

Use a Minimal amount of Makeup

To avoid embarrassing situations, use a minimal amount of makeup. It is better to apply less and look good than to create a situation of embarrassment for yourself with a swept-out foundation or smudged makeup.

Moisturizing with the right products

We all know how moisturizing is an integral part of the skin regime. However, the heat and humidity in monsoon already result in sweating and an oil-based moisturizer adds to more trouble. Use a water-based moisturiser to handle things better.

Waterproof Eye Makeup

It is always better to avoid makeup malfunction in monsoons by using waterproof products. Wear neutral or no eyeshadow and waterproof eyeliners and mascara. You can even switch to gel pencil, or cream shadow.

What to wear on your lips?

Wear your smile! It is waterproof and doesn’t cost anything(winks). Jokes apart, instead of wearing lip glosses, wear light textures that won’t melt in the rain. Tinted lip balms are great for monsoon or any weather.

Never leave without the makeup setting spray

Makeup setting spray is the most basic yet crucial makeup accessory, which makes the makeup long-lasting. Once you have finished applying your makeup, softly spritz your face with the makeup spray.

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