Best camera brands in India

Check out some of the best camera brands in India.

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Canon is a world famous manufacturer of cameras which came into being in 1937. The Japanese company manufactures different kinds of cameras and also manufactures other related equipment. Their products include high quality DSLR cameras, camcorders and lenses.


They offer different series of cameras which are suitable for professional as well as personal use. Canon cameras are highly in demand in the Indian market and come with several features and capture amazing shots.




This is another Japanese company which manufactures and sells high quality cameras. It has years of experience in imaging and optics products. The company offers wide range of cameras as well as imaging lenses and also offers binoculars and microscopes. It has launched several series of cameras ever since its inception.




Japan is undoubtedly the world leader when it comes to manufacturing high tech devices. This brand also hails from Japan. Sony is known for manufacturing various electronic items. High quality digital cameras are one of them.




Panasonic Corporation is yet another Japanese company which deals in variety of electronic items. The company came into being in 1918. Its headquarters are in Kadoma, Japan. It has a strong foothold in the Indian market.