Must have smarthome gadgets

Check out some of the smart home gadgets you must have

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Amazon Echo Dot

This is the most exciting smart home gadget that you can bring home. It is a simple Bluetooth speaker with a very powerful speaker. The benefit is that the gadget is an IoT device, and hence you’ll be able to connect it to the internet. This smart home assistant is more than just a Bluetooth speaker; you can ask Alexa to play songs, set a reminder, ask for weather reports, play news, play radio and ask for random jokes. The best part of the Amazon Echo Dot is its usability, let it sit at a place and do its job. This simple and effective smart home gadget is a delight to use.

2. Amazon Echo Show

The Echo show might be the gadget you want to keep at your bedside. The gadget is not just a smart home assistant, it has a display, and hence it can show you everything it is doing. So, keep at your bedside, add some photographs, and you have a perfect digital photo frame right next to you. It is also a very nice gift if you’re planning to give something to a couple.

3. Xiaomi Vacuum Robot

The Xiaomi’s Vacuum Robot is possibly the cheapest vacuum robot available in the market, and considering its feature; it is definitely worth giving a try. The device can scan your entire flat and clean it without even asking; just set it on your floor and forget about it. The best part is that it will automatically charge itself and clean your house at the set time.

4. Xiaomi Security Camera 360

This awesome gadget doesn’t require much to function. Just instal the device at your ceiling, and control the view from anywhere. The Xiaomi 360 camera gives a live feed of your house at 1080p; you’ll not get this much clarity on any CCTV camera. The device also has a talkback feature that enables anyone to talk to you without any hassle.