Digital Clothes: How STRANGE things could get?

Digital clothing is new and strange terminology for human beings. So, what exactly is Digital Clothing? Is it a tech marvel or a fashion fail? Should we consider buying them?

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While it might sound crazy but what if we told you that you can buy a Digital version of clothes? Be it trendy workout clothe or a luxurious dress, you can have your hands on them(well not literally, because you will only get them digitally).

Digital Clothes: What are these?

Digital Clothes are basically editable photoshop files. These digital clothes can bring a revolution in the world of fashion clothing. However, these can surely be a better alternative to fast fashion. Digital clothes reduce clothing waste because you can buy an outfit and wear it once and still not harm the ecosystem. Also, it makes having high fashion more affordable. These clothes, which can be worn via augmentative reality, are also all-size inclusive.

Digital Clothing and its Disadvantages

The first and foremost could be, that you can’t own them in real life. It’s another possibility that you get a custom-made dress that is most similar to it.

Moreover, these clothing files are put on you with the help of image editing software, Photoshop. As per reviews and influencers trying them out themselves, it was observed that the editing was not totally apt. The not-so-accurate editing technique could make it obvious that the dress is not real.