Red Carpet secrets that you did NOT know!

It is such a task to look stunning and toned all the time, which we think celebrities are born with. But they too, like us, have to rely on beauty hacks to achieve that look!

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We all know that not everyone can be perfect. However, celebrities with their glamorous looks and perfectly toned Instagram pictures make us rethink if perfection does exist or not? Worry not because it’s not always true what you see in the pictures! Here are some interesting facts that you did not know about what actually goes behind the red carpet looks of your stars.

Butt Pads and Chicken Cutlets

To enhance their body curves, celebrities have turned their heads toward Butt Pads and Chicken Cutlets. Well, chicken cutlet enhances the chest area, and makes them look toned. Similarly, Butt Pads are to give a more curvy appearance to the back.


Celebrities have to make sure that they look stunning most of the time, with a perfectly toned body and a flat stomach to flaunt, or else are victims of trolls and mocking. Even celebs are normal human beings and even their body forms can change over time, still, sometimes they opt to wear shapewear for a more confident appearance. And when it’s the red carpet, everything has to be extra!

Shoe sizes

Shoe sizes of celebrities are often less cared about, but if observed carefully, you will see that most of the time they care less about the fit!

Body and Facelift tapes

Body tapes are Kim Kardashian’s Red Carpet’s secret! To give a little extra lift, Kim Kardashian puts the tape around her chest. Not just that, Lady Gaga accepts the fact that she uses facelift tapes for a perfect snatched red carpet look.

And, that is how we get fooled about ‘Perfection’.

Skin Tight Outfits that are sewn!

If the outfit couldn’t fit right at the moment, it could also be sewn at the same time and that is what celebrities have to do at times!