Effective ways to reduce stress 

Read on to know about some of the most effective ways to reduce stress

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1. Exercise


Exercise actually prompts your body to release feel-good hormones like endorphins, which can help you in feeling less stressed. Stress can also make you subconsciously tense your muscles, which exercise might help in releasing.


2. Organise


Stress can happen when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks that you are required to complete or deadlines that must be met. Writing a to-do list or time management strategy can help you in focussing on seeing each task through to completion.


Sit down and write out everything you need to get done and each step that you’ll need to do to complete each task. Prioritise what must be done first and identify what can be left to be done later or what you might be able to delegate to someone else.


3. Breathe


Stress and anxiety can Impact how you breathe, which has flow-on effects on how your body and mind feels. Taking a few deep breaths can help you in slowing your breathing and heart rate, relax your muscles and calm your mind.


4. Take a time out


Just like in children, stress can also affect our emotions and how we behave, and our physical and mental health. Stress might make you become irritable or short tempered, easily upset or agitated.


When you begin noticing that stress is affecting how you feel or behave, it might be time to step away and spend a few minutes just focusing on yourself. Do something you enjoy like reading a book or listening to music, or find a trusted friend or colleague that you can talk to about how you’re feeling.


5. Meditate


If you haven’t yet tried mindfulness, meditation or relaxation exercises, there’s no better time to start than this. Scientifically proven to help decrease and manage stress, and promote mental wellbeing, these tools are very useful in times when you’re experiencing stress and as prevention tools in times when you’re feeling well.