Health benefits of summer fruit Kokum

Read on to knowledge about health benefits of summer fruit kokum.

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Kokum is a cherry-like summer fruit that is red in colour and gets deep purple when ripe. The fruit is sour with a faintly sweet aroma and is used as a spice. In some cuisines it is also used as a preferred substitute for tamarind in curries and other dishes.


It also has the following the benefits:


1. Kokum helps in preventing infections and has both antifungal and antioxidant properties.


2. It contains malic acid, citric acid and carbs. It has a healthy mixture of B-Vitamins and contains ascorbic acid, manganese, potassium, dietary fibre and garcinol.


3. It is helpful for people suffering from digestion issues.


4. It has anti-ageing properties which helps in repair and regeneration of cells.


5. The fruit can be used for the treatment of sores or can be applied directly for dealing with allergies, rashes and burns.