I got the job by mistake: Ravi Shastri supports Rahul Dravid to take India to greater heights under his tenure

Former India head coach Ravi Shatri has said that Rahul Dravid will have fun in his coaching job once the players begin responding to his ideas and has backed the head coach to take the team to even greater heights.

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Former India head coach Ravi Shastri has supported Rahul Dravid to take India to greater heights. Giving the vote of confidence to one of the most legendary players to have ever graced the field, Shastri mentioned that Dravid had worked pretty hard before taking on the India role.


“No better person to take over after me than Rahul. I got the job by mistake. I was in the commentary box and I was asked to go there and I did my bit. But Rahul is a guy who has come through the system and done the hard yards. He’s been coach of the U-19 team and then he has taken over the Indian team and I think he will enjoy it, once the team starts responding to what he says,” Shastri said.


Under the tenure of Shastri, India became the best touring team in the world, beating challenges in all sort of conditions, barring South Africa in the Test format of the game. Despite not having won any World Cups, Shastri’s time with the Indian team is said to be revolutionary for the impact he left on the culture. Partnering with Virat Kohli, the head coach formed one of the most lethal pace line-ups in modern cricket, which was able to topple batting line-ups at will while playing away from home.


“The last thing I was worried about was media. If the boys performed, media will react the way you want. If you don’t do well, they have a right to smash you and if you do well, you will get the accolades,” he said.


“Our job was very simple, what the media did not like about Indian cricket. The fact was that we were bullies at home and we didn’t play great cricket when we were overseas. So the job for me with the team was to prove them wrong. So, how are you going to do it? You sit with the team, you sit with Virat and say that we are going to take 20 wickets. As simple as that, take the pitch out of the equation,” he further added on the matter.