Monsoon Mantra: Three things you should abide by

The monsoon is messy weather. What things can help you save from all the mess?

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Monsoon is here and it gets really perplexing in deciding what to wear and what not to! Not just that, it is equally a tough time for our skin and hair care. Monsoon is that period of time where a lot of mess is created, whether it be with your wardrobe, skincare or the streets, it’s all messy! But don’t worry, we got you covered.

Monsoon skin and hair care

Maintaining your hair requires sustained effort. Don’t forget about protein, zinc, B12, and D3 for both your skin and your hair. You can opt for in-clinic treatments like Platelet-rich therapy (PRP), micro-needling, or hair Botox in addition to oiling your hair.
Consistent nightly skincare practice that includes cleansing and moisturising results in beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Never skip your sunscreen! The most crucial of all is to eat clean and healthy.

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Clothing in this rainy weather

Go all out in bright colours and some amazing colour-blocking outfits because the weather is already gloomy and dreary. Bright, cheerful colours and comfortable clothing are the epitomai of the monsoon season. Dress to impress for everything from “work from home” meetings to cosy coffee dates. Avoid adding to the sticky, muggy weather by donning body-hugging fits. Choose free-fitting silhouettes for your clothing.

Don’t forget your scarf! They look fashionable and will surely play their part in covering your hair.

Monsoon Footwear

Both men and women can wear flip-flops since they are fashionable and equally functional. They are ideal for summer or the monsoon because they are simple to wear. These shoes are made of rubber, making them comfortable to wear, simple to clean, and durable. These also dry quickly and are protected from water damage because of rubber. Another similar example is that of Crocs. The majority of outfits go well with Crocs, and they are also very comfortable.

Gumboots, which are water-resistant and incredibly easy to clean, are another option.
If you must wear heels with your attire, choose platform heels because they are much more comfortable and will protect your feet from various puddles.

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