Ridiculous beard trends we can’t believe are Read about some beard trends which are ridiculously funny

Read about some beard trends which are ridiculously funny

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1. Double moustache


Growing out one bushy top lip is just not enough for some men. If your lone moustache is seeking some company, this surprisingly popular double moustache trend

may be the answer.


2. Half beard


While looking at this look, it seems that they must have run out of shaving foam. That’s the only logical reason behind this hilarious look. But apparently, the half beard is a chosen grooming style for many. It’s very easy to achieve and get rid of, so if you want to give someone a laugh, you may go for it.


3. Monkey tail beard


While many people were channelling their lockdown energy by cooking new dishes or doing home workouts, some creative souls decided taking grooming matters into their own hands. A bad haircut is understandable—but a beard in the shape of a monkey’s tail is a little too much!


4. Christmas beard


This beard would make you think is it a beard or a Christmas tree? If you take the season’s decorations too seriously, this whacky, adorable trend might put you in the holiday mood.


5. Beard Braids


Popularised by the character Stingray on Netflix’s Cobra Kai, this beard trend has picked up over the years. From one long beard braid to multiple beaded ones, there are many patterns available in this style.