Places to have the best street food in Mumbai

Here is an insider’s guide to the best street food in Mumbai.

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1. Maji Sagar for Pav Bhaji, Tardeo


Situated just across the road from the iconic Sardar Pav Bhaji, Maji Sagar is a quintessential Udipi restaurant which serves the regular south Indian fare with local snacks thrown in. Unlike Sardar who only serves pav bhaji, the dish isn’t the mainstay of Maji Sagar’s menu.


2. Nitin Vada Pav, IC Colony, Borivali (W)


Vada pav is the most popular dish in Mumbai d that’s made its way from the streets to fine dining restaurants. The deep-fried potato dumpling can be found at almost every street corner but only a handful of these carts and outlets actually get it right. Nitin Vada Pav in the western suburb of Borivali remains an underrated place that deserves more print space than it has got so far.


3. Ram and Shyam for Bhel and Chaat, Santacruz (W)


Named after the two brothers who own this cart, R&S is situated on the corner of North and Central Avenue in Santacruz (W). Serving up the usual – bhel, paani puri, sev puri, and dahi puri etc – Ram and Shyam does a rather good job of getting the flavours in the chutneys right.


4. Ayub’s Restaurant


Ayub’s doesn’t serve biryanis but makes up for it in the variety of rolls and kebabs.


5. Pure Milk Centre


You may or may not like Pure Milk Centre’s dosas but it definitely does shock you into wondering just what will my dosa taste like if we throw in some, idk, barbeque sauce.