Skincare Tips: Mistakes you should avoid!

Even if you always use sunscreen before stepping out of your house, don’t hesitate to use them even when you’re not exposed to the sun. Blue light has its agents behind you everywhere!

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Skin is one of the most important organs of your body, and taking care of it is such a need. However, even after spending hours and more than thousands of money on skincare products, if you barely see any results, we got you covered! Here, we are talking about what things are wrong with your skincare routine.

Using Makeup Wipes

What if we told you that makeup wipes are only a waste of money? Yes, you read it right.
Makeup wipes don’t only harm your skin but also are the elements that degrade the environment. Makeup wipes create a lot of plastic waste for the environment in the first place. Regardless of them having several substitutes available in the market, only a few people know about them. However, the next time you’re thinking to buy these, do consider buying Cleansing Balms or Micellar Water.

Not Considering Double Cleansing

Double cleansing your skin is as important as sleeping without your makeup on! In short, it is really important.
However, it is important to use two different kinds of cleansers, the first in the steps is to be the oil-based one. After cleaning your face with an oil-based cleanser, get that skin of yours washed with a water-based one!

Not taking Sun Screen Seriously

If you are one of those people, for whom sunscreen matters only when you’re under the sun, then you’re committing a sin towards your skin! Sunscreen is really important for you skin. Whatever the season it is, or even if you are not exposing you skin to sunlight, try to wear your sunscreen most of the times!
Your skin already suffers a lot because of the blue light emitted from your gadgets, like smartphones or laptops. These can damage your skin. However, sunscreen is like a lifesaver to that Integumentary System of yours.

Ignoring Your Skin Type

Ignoring your skin could be such an accident to your skin texture and its future. Always make sure you buy your skincare products according to your skin type. If you are not doing so, you are only wasting your time and money over unnecessary containers filled with some product that is of no use to you!

Being Your Own Dermatologist

Being self-dependent is good but not letting your skin doc do their work will traumatise your skin. If you think, you are doing all the things right but still aren’t getting results, grab your keys and rush to your Dermatologist!