What would you prefer? Fast or Slow Fashion

What will you choose? Fast fashion, which is trendy but is a threat to the environment or Slow fashion, which is not cheap but is sustainable.

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Both fast fashion and slow fashion are so opposite of each other, yet very few know the differences that these two terms have. Where Fast fashion refers to products that are produced swiftly in response to consumer demand for affordable and stylish clothing, Slow fashion, on the other hand, has minimal impact on the environment. Unlike fast fashion, which puts no emphasis on the environment or human rights, the latter provides equitable treatment to its workers.

Fast fashion ‘fulfils’ the trends, and sometimes even the landfills!

Fast fashion is very trendy, provides a quick fashion cure, and is frequently quite inexpensive, but it is bad for the environment and contributes significantly to climate change. Also, due to mass production at such a high rate, it often ends up in landfills very soon. Thus, it is not a sustainable approach to styling.

However, the concerning part is that it is all around us in form of H&M, Zara, Fashion Nova, Forever 21, Missguided and even more. Be it online or offline, consumers are hooked on such brands.

Slow Fashion is like having a healthy meal

On the other side, slow fashion is usually complex to produce. However, it’s also much better for the environment and the climate as it is ethical and most importantly, sustainable. Moreover, it is not seasonal and is clearly opposite to how trends work. The products are not disposable, but are sustainable and targeted to serve a long period. However, these are often available in small stores and not in large retail outlets. Because of limited production, only a few such products are available in shops every year.

Which is more expensive?

It’s complex to compare both on the basis of cost only. It may seem that Slow fashion is expensive, but it is actually more cost-effective in the long run. It’s also important to keep in mind that sustainable clothing is frequently less expensive than designer clothing.