This sustainable holiday home near Bengaluru happily invites nature indoors

Bengaluru-based designer Sujay Reddy brought in elements of nature and has reused antique wood collected over years to creatively build his eco-conscious holiday home

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“After searching for over a decade, I discovered the perfect parcel of land nestled within the rugged landscape of Yellodu Village for my holiday home,” said the designer and land developer Sujay Reddy while describing his eco-conscious sacntuary located a little over an hour’s drive from Bengaluru. “The untamed forest plot stood at a mellow gradient that sloped up towards the base of a hill. It served as the ideal spot for my plans to build a villa with fewer raw materials while reusing a collection of wood and antique pieces that I had collected from my travels to Karaikudi, Auroville and Goa over the years.”


Spread across one floor on a single acre of land, the two-bedroom villa opens out onto a private swimming pool, which has been built within the setback of the structure, offering uninterrupted views of the hill behind it. A long strip of neem and mahogany trees has been planted to stand as a lush natural barrier between the road and the property. A vineyard grown on a platform raised at seven feet allows for outdoor seating on one side of the home. “You get to sit under a fascinating interplay of sunlight that seeps through the vines,” Reddy says.


“If you live in a home surrounded by nature, you automatically want to spend more time around it and preserve it,” Reddy shares while describing his idea for building this nature-inspired home. “The layout and designs evolved organically as I built the villa. First, I started with a bedroom and began to notice how sunlight moved through the space. So, I designed the pool within the footprint of the house in such a way that the light would cast a rippled reflection of the water on every ceiling in each room. This softens the otherwise arid landscape outside.”