Places to have the best burgers in Mumbai

Here are places where you can find best burgers in Mumbai

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1. Slow Burger Co, Bandra


Slow Burger Co gives a wide menu to pick from. You could go the classic way and order the slow-grilled Louisiana Grilled Chicken Burger with Cajun ground chicken or the punchy Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burger. If you want something different, get your hands on Punjab Da Puttar, stone-grilled tandoori chicken, or the Lucknow Lamb Galawati made with a melt-in-the-mouth patty paired with mint mayo and cheese.


2. Noon


Named for the Kashmiri word for Salt, Noon in BKC doesn’t scream fast food and they don’t serve aerated drinks but you could do without missing their Red Snapper Slider served with Greek Yoghourt with Capers, Pickled Onions and Jalapeños.


3. The Monkey Bar


This is exactly the kind of place that would first pop up in your mind if you were looking for burgers, fries, that sort of thing. Opt for the classic fried chicken, buff patty, or bacon-and-cheese burgers, or if you’re feeling experimental order in a Thai-style chicken burger or barnyard veg for your veggie friend.


4. Loci and Toot


Situated in the web of Bandra bylanes, Loci and Toot is a delightful cafe serving up an amazing variety of food and cocktails. Its enviable bar aside, Loci and Toot also serves up burgers for chicken and buff lovers as well as for your vegan buddy.


5. BOSS Burger


Among the burger cloud kitchens that have, grown over the last few years, three stand out. BOSS Burger’s range includes the classic – Smashed Beeg, Chunky Tenderloin, Classic Cheese – as well as burgers with a twist – Rabat Lamb Burger, Chicken Parm Burger. And yes, there’s Truffle Shroom Burger for you veggie souls too.