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Great personalities talking about how their father shaped them

Read about some great personalities who were inspired by their father

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1. Director Kayoze Irani on Boman Irani

Kayoze says that he shares a strong bond with his father which is unlike the usual father son relationships. Talking about his bond with his father, he says “He’s always encouraged me to find my voice. I think of myself as honest, and that comes from my dad. I don’t think parents can “teach” you anything; but you do imbibe a lot from them.”

2. Chef Nooresha Kably on Aziz Nathani

Talking about his dad, Nooresha says “Dad always wanted a son. He has two daughters. But we were never brought up like girls. There were no restrictions; we were encouraged to learn from our own life experiences, to explore the world without fear, and to speak our minds.”

3. Manasi Joshi on Girishchandra Joshi

Talking about yer father, the Badminton champion says “My father taught me to be fearless. Growing up, I saw him don multiple hats—in the fields of science, engineering, and electronics (he is a retired scientific officer from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai), but also in the fields of sports (he was captain of the Department of Atomic Energy’s tennis team), Gujarati and Hindi literature (he has been awarded the Sahitya Akademi Puraskar for his collection of poems), astrology, and music.”

4. Washington Sundar on M. Sundar

Talking about how his dad has inspired him, Washington says
“My dad has been a huge inspiration in the way he lives his life, and his approach to various situations. Discipline is important to him, and he’s made sure it’s something I maintain as well—in cricket as well as in life. He’s always wanted me to be hard-working, because he’s very hard-working. About six years ago, I hadn’t scored big runs in two or three innings and I was very upset with the way things were going, and with myself. He told me to work hard for the next two sessions, without any expectations. To do everything right, consistently, and the results would fall into place. He advocates following the right process. “