Things you need to stop doing by the time you’re 30

Things you really need to stop doing by the time you are 30

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1. Letting your parents pay your rent


If you’re living on your own, you need to be covering your expenses by now. If you’re still living with your parents, then you need to contribute. It doesn’t stop being freeloading just because these people gave birth to you.


2. Asking friends to cover you at dinner


If your friends have planned something too expensive, be brave enough to tell them that. If you can’t split, order modestly and offer to pay for what you’ve had. A thirty-plus person asking people to cover their share at dinner doesn’t look good.


3. Cancelling plans last minute


Getting sick and emergencies notwithstanding, it’s bad form to bail when you’ve already committed to something. That shit would work in college because everyone was flaky back then, but won’t work after 10-15 years.


4. Spending everything you make


If you’re earning, you should be saving. Your parents likely grew up saving for some tough times and so should you. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that everything can be turned upside down at a moment’s notice.