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Habits you can learn from billionaire Mark Cuban

The little habits that make for success

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1. He Does Everything Over Email


Cuban firmly believes in wasting as little time as possible on in-person meetings. His logic is that going to lunch and extensive phone calls are a sheer waste of everyone’s time, and should only happen when it’s something really important that needs personal presence. Everything else can be put in writing; clear and concise, of course.


2. He Starts The Day Early


He gets up at 6:30 am without fail, checking thousands of emails in a day. Morning is the most important time of day for Cuban; and the most productive. He fully endorses the idea of waking up and going to work immediately; even having called it ‘his meditation’ in the past interview.


3. He Finishes His Hardest Task Of The Day First


Cuban believes that the way to be your most productive self right off the bat–and set the bar for the day for great performance–is to cultivate a habit of dealing with your biggest task first thing every morning. A phrase that he uses is ‘eating your frog, first thing in the morning.”


4. He Puts His Family First


He enjoys and works for his success, but his family is always a priority for him, aiming to schedule as much as he can around his kids’ lives. It was also recently indicated by a study by Credit Loan that men that put their families first often end up earning a significant annual amount ($10,000) more than others, so the idea clearly has benefits.


5. He Exercises Religiously


Cuban does an intense cardio at least six times a week because he knows he might end up missing time here and there with his frequent travelling. He also mixes up his workouts, often taking Latin fusion aerobic classes, kickboxing and playing basketball to make sure the routine doesn’t get stale.