Best Indian restaurants in NYC 

Here are some of the best Indian restaurants in NYC

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1. Adda


This restaurant is adorned with Indian newspapers covering one wall and gorgeous mood lighting, but the food really sets the scene. A new restaurant from executive chef Chintan Pandya and critically acclaimed owner Roni Mazumdar, the food is “unapologetically” authentic and has already earned its fair share of appreciation.


2. Baazi


Baazi serves as a food diary for the staff and reflection of their diverse backgrounds. Presentation is a high priority here, with amazingly plated dishes and an elegant blue and gold surrounding. Try the house-made cottage cheese in the Paneer Ke Sholey and the Amma’s Biryani if you want a warm, comforting meal.


3. Chola


Chola has always been appreciated for its fine cuisine, derived from the flavors of the Indian coastline. The interiors have just been renovated to provide an even more refreshed dining experience. There’s an extensive menu, so be prepared for a tough decision, and don’t skip out on the naan—try the paneer cheese one!


4. Dhamaka


From the same owners of Adda comes Dhamaka, a new restaurant with vibrant interiors dishing up provincial Indian cuisine in Essex Market. Having only been open since 2021, the spot is getting an abundance of critical acclaim. You can try their unique dishes, including baby shark in the Macher Jhol.