Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Sona Home’ criticised for being overpriced

“I went broke just by scrolling through those prices,” wrote a Reddit user.

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After the success of her New York-based restaurant, ‘Sona’, Priyanka Chopra has now launched a homeware brand called ‘Sona Home’, along with her business partner Maneesh Goyal.


Although the venture is very impressive, what Desis weren’t impressed by was the steep prices of the items!


The collection includes a luxurious line of dinnerware, table linens and other everyday decor items inspired by Indian culture and traditions.


Earlier, Priyanka had shared a post on Twitter introducing her new line. She wrote, “Indian culture is known for its hospitality, it’s all about community and bringing people together and for me that is the ethos of SONA HOME. From our table to yours, we hope that you experience our same love for hosting, community, family, and culture in your home.”


According to their website, their Panna Collection has a tablecloth priced at around Rs 31,000 ($398) and a Sultan platter for approximately Rs 15,000 ($198)!


Trolling the high prices, users wrote:


“PC’s NYC restaurant SONA launches “SONA HOME”…. I went broke just scrolling through those prices……….”


“If anyone pays $400 for a tablecloth, they deserve that level of highway robbery IMO”


“We have gone from foreigners ripping off people by exoticizing Indian culture and selling things at ludicrous prices to Indians ripping off people by exoticizing Indian culture and seeing things at ludicrous prices.”